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Akosua Nyantakyi

Who is she?

Akosua is a new mom, learning how to balance life as an Author and Entrepreneur after being fired while pregnant. She volunteers part of her time as the Secretary for Sisters With Purpose, a non-profit organization, and writes for "Gova Media" and "Sundae's Best".

Destiny's Lens

Akosua and I attended the same high school and I have gotten to know her better through social media. She posts beautifully-crafted poems and the most adorable pictures of her and her partner's baby girl. Akosua is a powerhouse I wanted to highlight because balancing new motherhood with ongoing career aspirations is a struggle for most moms. I'm interested in hearing her perspective. Let's dive in!

Please help us understand your self-love journey. What had to happen for you to be here?

Akosua: My journey to self-love wasn't easy nor was it simple. I hated parts of my body and scrutinized those parts constantly. One day I realized that I can't continue doing that - I no longer wanted to invest my time in being insecure. I did however make a mental note that I definitely have things I need to work on but I can love myself throughout the process of change. My partner was a tremendous confidence-booster and cheerleader on my journey to self-love. But, once I had my daughter I became an example. Being a role model is a challenge she has graced me with, that I will without a doubt accomplish. She has the same genes I do, how dare I not show her how to love them.

How have your self-love practices changed, if at all, since having your baby girl?

Akosua: My self-love practices have changed in interesting ways. I found myself enjoying doing laundry because it was time to myself completely! I feel crazy for even admitting it. But I also appreciate walking alone and listening to music or working on my writing. I don't take it for granted as I once did before having my daughter.

In the midst of all your responsibilities, how do you manage to prioritize yourself? What do you do?


Akosua: Having a strong support system is the only way I have been able to prioritize myself and my needs. Also, having an amazing partner to share the parenting responsibilities with has thus far been a crucial component in helping me stay balanced. I take time to myself everyday and either take a long bath, read a book or even just listen to music uninterrupted for an hour. My advice on putting yourself first would be to first outline at least one thing you want to hold yourself accountable for that contributes to your happiness and stick to it. Try not to compromise on it.

What role does writing play in your self-care practice?

Akosua: Writing plays a huge role in my self-care practice! It's how I stay creative which is so important because the artistic process feeds my soul. It's how I keep projects I'm working on moving and existing. I take time every single day to write. Usually is it when dad is home or when baby girl is asleep. Even If what I write doesn't stick I know, "I wrote something today. "​

Describe your self-love journey in one word:

Akosua: Arrived. 

What can we learn from Akosua?


Akosua reminds us to check on our new mommy friends! The joys of motherhood are unparalleled  but working on yourself while keeping a tiny human alive is a huge undertaking. Akosua is also vulnerable in her truth about the importance of a support system. Too often the "super mom" tag is worn as a badge of honor (#guilty), when it could be doing more harm to a mother who is already having trouble asking for help. Even when someone is 100% dependent on you, taking time to recenter is not a sign of weakness, rather of immeasurable strength. 

Where can I find this powerhouse?

You can catch more of her work at her website www.akosuan50.com (she's launching a new one November 2018), and catch adorable pictures of Maddie on her Instagram @im_akosua. For your financial consulting needs visit her partner's website https://cassaberry.com.

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