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What does a day in the life of Cat look like? How do you stay balanced?


Cat: Every week looks different! I've learned to be flexible with my tasks and to-do lists because my energy and motivation fluctuates. During the weeks where I feel like I can go hard, I push it, but when I'm feeling off or want to rest I lean into it. I used to be more strict with myself but then I began to feel intense self-inflicted pressure and resented the things I was working on. Now that I know better, I just honor whatever my body and spirit ask of me.


Please tell us about your self-love journey! What did you learn about yourself in the process?


Cat: My self-love journey has been intense and remains ongoing. Most of my struggle has stemmed from feeling a lack of self-worth that was perpetuated by a toxic inner voice. I slowly began gravitating toward more wholesome approaches to life and was exposed to the concept of wellness, and from there I began to unearth the root of my issues. I implemented weekly talk therapy sessions, began reading books that equipped me with the language to understand myself, and began inserting myself in spaces that pushed me closer to all things love.

Cat Lantigua is a Brooklyn based Dominican-American community builder advocating for social wellness through her community organization Goddess Council and podcast Chats with Cat. She uses her platforms to amplify the voices of women and millennials shifting the culture!

Founder, CEO, and Community Builder


It is often those journeys of self-love that lead us to come into our own. Does your journey inspire your creative pursuits? 


Cat: I've heard that your mess is your message, and for me, that's proven to be true. As I've begun to embrace myself and understand the intricacies of the human experience I've become inspired to create opportunities for other women to do the same. The community organization I founded, Goddess Council, is a vessel for me to do just that! I pour in ideas and healing practices into the platform that ultimately extends a chance for others to feel better.


Can you tell us more about Goddess Council? How did it begin? What can a new "goddess" expect when she joins?


Cat: Goddess Council was born as I navigated loneliness and depression after moving to New York City. I’d been living in the concrete jungle for over 6 months and felt so alone that I contemplated going back home to Miami, but I promised myself I’d at least make an honest attempt to meet new people-the kind that nourished my soul.

As I began to acknowledge that I wouldn’t be able to make it in the city without a community I imagined what my ideal sisterhood would be like. I eventually called us Goddess Council.

I shared my ideas with the internet and invited strangers into my little Brooklyn apartment. What happened next was simply divine. A new "goddess" that enters our community can expect to feel like she's finally found the people she's been looking for. A real sisterhood. The women we attract into our community are looking for meaningful connections layered with authenticity, vulnerability, and a foundation of self-exploration. Nothing we do is surface level, it's all soulful, and nurturing. Anyone who joins Goddess Council is affirmed and always made to feel seen.


What advice would you give your younger self about self-love?


Cat: I would remind my younger self to appreciate all of the wonderful things her body does every single day to ensure she continues to live a life. To ignore all of the demands for her to be small because she was born to be heard and seen.


In what ways do you nurture your self-awareness? What role does it play in your self-love?


Cat: I turn to reflecting often through journaling and I also look to my confidantes to keep things 100% honest and clear with me. The more aware I am of who I am and the ways I need to better myself, the more confident I feel out in the world!


Learn more about Cat by keeping up with her on Instagram @cat.lantigua and Twitter @catlantigua! You can also learn more about her empowering community by visiting www.goddess-council.com and sign up for their next event. Thank you, Cat!

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