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Founder, Femme Du Soir LLC

Jodelle Duverseau is the founder of Femmedusoir LLC, a brand promoting sensuality and aiming to de-stigmatize sexual taboo at large. Before devoting her full time work in Femmedusoir, Jodelle was known as a muse (art model) working for art establishments like The Art Students League of New York, Society Of Illustrators, School of Visual Arts, and FIT.

Jodelle has also worked with a great range of artists, from sculptors, to painters and photographers whom have given her the experience in the art world, the ease and confidence to pursue her passion for Sensual Art.

Jodelle has written numerous articles and is also known as a creator, encouraging her audience to experience their sensuality, while also promoting sexual comfort and self-care through her social platforms. Her ultimate goal is to help her audience surrender to their senses, enticing, educating and encouraging them to create more time to explore their sensual self.


What does a week in the life of Jodelle look like? In what ways do you manage to put yourself first even through a busy schedule?


Jodelle: Every day in my life is either an adventure or a challenge. I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself, to become more divine or sensual, inspiring others to do the same, consistently recalling my purpose and affirming it during my daily activities. Whether my day begins by taking steamy bubble bath, staring at a fading sunset, or ends up lying in bed with my love, or going for a run when the night falls, I always manage to find that little spark to remind me of the little things that make my life so meaningful.

Please tell us about your self-love journey! How does your self-love journey inspire your creative pursuits?


Jodelle: In the nude, I am a goddess, no parts of my body are lesser than the other, I feel whole, and godly. I posed nude for a living, 5 days a week for two years in New York, and I did it so much that the essence of being at ease with oneself stayed with me, even after I put on my clothes after the sessions ended. I had achieved harmony with myself in a way that I had never done before - I experienced real comfort. It feels like gliding on air. I felt free and undeniably connected to the divine power in me. This is why my passion saved me and this is the reason I wake up every day to do what I love, to teach self love through such discipline as nude art, sensuality, and the use of the erotic to unleash oneself.



Does your journey to and through self-love inspire your creative pursuits? If so, how? 


Jodelle: Yes, My passion for Nude Art and Eroticism existed way before I started to embrace who I am. But it is the journey of discovering myself that has deepened my creative pursuits. In time I realized that the fear holding me back all my life was intrinsically connected with my purpose. Had I not unleashed the courage to conquer my fear I probably would have never become the woman I am now.

I have been asked many times about “Femme Du Soir” the name was often wrongly interpreted. My obsession with symbolism led to that choice. I fell in love with the name Femme Du Soir on a summer night, when I created my first tumblr blog. The persona "Femme Du Soir" depicted whom I was at the time. A naked woman in the night, a dreamer, a writer, a lover.

Femmedusoir was named after my Venus (Venus in Pisces), in my country this energy comes from a loa (Lwa) Called Erzulie “Freda” which represents the sexual energy that is within me, the love Goddess. Femmedusoir also means woman of the night, the woman I unleash at night. She loves mirrors, sex, men, makeup, and feeling beautiful.

In my work I embody that “Energy”, that “Woman” which is what makes my art form sensual and erotic as well as feminine and mysterious. It is a display of that persona and the total submission in expressing it that pushed me to become involved in eroticism, nudism, nude art, body image acceptance and self love.

My language of truth is sensuality, the art of love, lust and passion. I have spent my entire youth reading about beauty, love-making, seduction, and about mastering this art form. Conquering myself in the nude opened a portal to self rejuvenation and discovery, which led me to create Femme du soir, not only as a persona but also as a brand to inspire others to unleash their sensuality.



This month's theme at Loved by Destiny is EMBRACE; we want our readers to embrace their full selves, light and dark, healed and not healed, good and bad. How does the word "embrace" resonate for you? How do you embrace yourself?


Jodelle: The word EMBRACE resonates with truth to me. What's your truth? What do you stand for me for? So many of us are wrapped up under false layers of characters and unattainable ideals that are not connected to our innate truth. We often lose who we are in the projection the world sets before us. To find your truth is like free falling in a beautiful void, where you get to embrace all that you are without the noises from the outside world.

I spent 3 years in that void, staring into myself, learning my body, listening to my own voice, hearing my own self laugh, truly embracing "ME" without the feeling of conceit, selfishness or disappointment. Embracing myself felt more like a duty to maintain my essence, to water my very existence, and honor the freedom of living with all my imperfections.

It was certainly scary to embrace myself with all the crippling thoughts I had forged about who I was over the years, but I decided to muster the courage to reject the false ideals I had created. So I turned to the purest form of art to do it. Shedding my clothes to become a muse, symbolizes coming to terms with my truth, I wasn't perfect but I was myself, the real "ME". When you embrace who you are. you will possess the strength to be yourself for the rest of your life. There is no better feeling than that. Let yourself free fall into that void, so you can find your light.


One of the pillars of our brand is self-awareness. What does self-awareness look like for you? How do you practice self-reflection in your life?


Jodelle: I listen to my body. I have this deep connection with my body in an intuitive way that allows me to drift within myself, to hear my inner voice and thoughts. I am extremely connected to my essence. To me, self-awareness means to be connected to self and at the same time to be aware of your surroundings and others.

I mostly practice self-awareness through sensuality, one cannot be sensual without being aware and mindful of what's around. I live life in this euphoric state, fully enjoying all the pleasure I derive from all my senses, from the beauty of a starry sky on a beautiful summer night, the taste of good wine, losing myself in the rhythm of a beautiful song, or the intoxicating feeling of being skin to skin with a lover.

I practice self-reflection during fulfilling moments in my life, that's how I repair my broken pieces. Simply by being true and honest to myself while letting go completely in the flood of sensations I feel in body. By dancing, meditating and affirming my presence and purpose in this world and even sometimes crying. I always end up finding myself over and over again in this manner.

What advice would you give to people who don't know where to begin their self-love and self-discovery journey?


Jodelle: Before fully understanding who I was and what I was meant to do, I used to read books about self discovery, to get insight and a clearer understanding about my journey. I didn't have a diary, but I had created a blog to collect inspirational images of my interests and write out my thoughts to the world. That's how I started my journey of self discovery.

I surrounded myself with like minded people who had similar passion as mine. I always had a passion for art and creative people. Listening to their stories and ideas lit a flame within me to go even deeper within myself, to conquer my fears, and live up to the ideal I had created for myself. Discovering oneself also starts with self acceptance and being patient. Accepting who you are no matter how hard it may be to embrace "the real you" is usually where it all begins.

Learn more about Jodelle by keeping up with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. Visit her website www.femmedusoir.com to get the latest updates on her brand, purchase her incredible art, and attend her next event.

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