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Jessica @jessica.jade.co

What can you tell us about your self-love journey? How do you practice self-love?

Jessica: I've always been a very confident woman. Since childhood, I pretty much believed I could conquer the world. As I've gotten older, I began disliking my appearance - my body in particular. I unknowingly had celiac disease and could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight because I couldn't retain any food with gluten. Now that I can eat without being sick or running to the bathroom, I've gained about 30 lbs. My self-love journey means accepting my body for what it is now rather than what it used to be. It means taking the time to exercise, eating a more plant-based diet and loving myself for who I am. Becoming a health coach has truly helped me begin to love myself at a deeper level. I'm able to utilize skills I've learned such as affirmations, meditation, exercises and different diets that have helped me with loving myself.

What things/people take up most of your time, and how do you strike a balance?

Jessica: My business, family, and friends definitely take up all my time, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I run a multi-faceted wellness business that includes seeing health coaching clients, hosting events that create safe spaces for women, speaking engagements, interviewing guests for my show Girl Talk, writing wellness articles, and crafting/ vending my organic skin care products! Pretty much there's always work to do, which I absolutely love. However I need to spend time with myself, my handsome boyfriend, family, and friends in order to feel at peace. I live by my schedule and calendar. I pretty much would be a hot mess if I didn't schedule every single thing. Fortunately, I've always been planner obsessed and I thrive when I can check things off my calendar.

What factors played into your decision of becoming an entrepreneur? What has been the most impactful lesson in this particular journey?

Jessica: Becoming an entrepreneur happened by happy accident. I didn't plan it. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to sell my organic skin-care line and the rest is history. When I get an idea in my head, I run with it! Once I decided that this was the path for me, I realized all of the benefits of entrepreneurship. The freedom to work from anywhere, how fulfilling it is, and the ability to someday raise a family is everything to me! I have to say that in the world of technology and all things public, the greatest lesson I've learned is to not compare myself to others, to keep my head down and work my butt off! Everything else will fall into place.

This month we are talking all things "reinventing yourself"! How do you embody this theme?

Jessica: My entire life has been about reinvention, particularly around my career path. I've worked at non-profits, hospitals, in the film industry and even as a dog walker! Without trying out all of those hats I would have never been lead to becoming a wellness entrepreneur. I would have never considered meditation healing or even considered that my diet can affect my mood. Reinventing myself not only helped me heal myself, but also discover the career path that fills me with joy and satisfaction.


What advice would you give someone struggling to put themselves first?

Jessica: My entire practice revolves around the idea that without self-care we can't live our best lives. I truly believe that self-love begins with acts of self-care and if your goal is to feel complete and joyful - practicing self-care is paramount. There will always be work, cleaning and other responsibilities on your plate. Without finding 5-minutes each day to care for yourself it'll only be harder to fulfill your other responsibilities. Start small! Spend 5-minutes in the morning meditating, or take a 15-minute walk during lunch. Cook yourself a healthy meal instead of ordering takeout. Self-care always starts with one small, simple action.

If you're in need of someone who can understand what it feels like to not always love yourself and put yourself first but would like to change your life, I am the health coach for you. I have a ton of free resources that you can benefit from on my website, as well as coaching services that will really help you dig deep! Book a free consultation with me today by clicking here.

Describe your self-love journey in one word:

Jessica: Joyous

Where can I find this powerhouse?

How amazing is Jessica Jade?!! I'm teaming up with her to gift a ticket to her Vision Board Party on December 22nd! Click here to enter, or here if you want to purchase a ticket! Continue to bask in her brilliant light by following her on Instagram @jessicajade.co, Twitter @jessicajade.co, Pinterest @jessicajadeco, Facebook @JessicaJadeSays, or by spending some time on her fabulous website www.jessicajade.co!

Who is she?

Jessica Jade empowers women to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health! She is a Holistic Health Coach, a Wellness Speaker, Writer of JessicaJade.co, and Artisan of the organic skin-care line SunKiss Organics.


As a holistic health coach, she encourages women to carve time for self-care and life-changing balance to joyously heal their health. She provides them with the tools and support to eat real food, live active lives, and experience healthy relationships. Jessica's wellness site also inspires women to focus on self-care by offering natural beauty recipes, healthy home tips and tricks for living a balanced life.


Lastly, by following in the footsteps of generations of women in her family, she crafts an organic skin care line that is nourishing and healing for all. As a holistic health coach, wellness speaker and writer, and skin-care artisan, Jessica Jade's soul-purpose is to empower Women of Color to joyously heal their health.

Health Coach, Wellness Writer & Speaker, & Skin Care Artisan

Your highest self is waiting...