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 Lisa Velazquez

Who is she?

Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Lisa Talks Love and Wonder Womyn. She is a Love Coach, Speaker and Ladypreneur! Wonder Womyn is a boutique lovestyle coaching company for single professional women that helps them "reconnect with their inner value to get ready for the love they desire." She has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years!

Destiny's Lens

Lisa and I danced together on a dance team called Brooklyn Touch, and when I first auditioned I'll never forget how reassuring she was! I'm sure her clients are doused with empathy and support. Her energy spills into dancing the same way it spills into her content online, which you should definitely watch. My favorites include her IGTV videos on self-love! 

What's life like for a Love Coach? Tell us more about yourself! 


Lisa: I'm a passionate and supportive woman, sister, daughter and friend first. When I am not with my loved ones, I truly enjoy connecting people. I see life as one big get together! Many times when people meet me they feel safe enough to tell me about their love life. As a result, I do my best to assist from a place of love. This work is not about me. As a Latina entrepreneur, I’m breaking and redefining cultural paradigms through self-love and creating wealth. This work is more about more women of color truly seeing themselves and being inspired. I made a decision before I became an entrepreneur, that I would have a career with purpose and the freedom to savor life with my loved ones - I'm proud to say I'm living that decision right now.


Professionally, no two days are ever the same. I’m currently in the process of finalizing a book based on one of the courses I teach. I'm also nurturing a passion project of helping other women build their businesses, especially because I’ve always been a community-oriented person. When I first became an entrepreneur, I didn't have guidance or the resources available today. Because of that, I give back to women entrepreneurs who are building their businesses. I believe when we learn lessons, we have a responsibility to share our wisdom, as it helps the next woman to avoid our pitfalls.

In the midst of all your responsibilities, how do you manage to prioritize yourself? What do you do?


Lisa: I never start the day in a race, and always give myself attention I deserve. First, I drink a liter of water upon rising, followed by a meditation session with Abraham Hicks, journaling and reflecting. Then after stretching my body, I'm likely listening and dancing to one of my favorite salsa songs as I cook a healthy breakfast. Music and light-heartedness generate joyful feelings in my body, which are vital for my self-care regimen. I typically end my routine by completing a 30-minute pilates/dance cardio workout. Adhering to this regimen before starting my work day is non-negotiable because it enables mental clarity and alignment.

Was there ever a time where you struggled with self-love, even though you are a Love Coach?


Lisa: Yes, of course, because I am human. For almost a year, I was overworking and not sleeping well which led to complete burnout and weight gain. I realized this happened because I was operating from the idea that "if I wasn’t working as hard as possible then I wasn’t working." Underneath these values was the limiting belief that I wasn't enough in my career. I didn’t notice this until performing in my dance teams became exhausting. I didn’t have the energy I usually had because I wasn’t moving as much as used to throughout the week.


As a dancer, I was mortified! When the way you’re living prevents you from doing something you love, it’s a huge wake up call. This epiphany taught me a new way to elevate my self-care. I began by saying “no, but thank you” a lot, and "yes" to myself more. Additionally, I started let go of many professional commitments and took a dance performance sabbatical for a few months. Now that I have more ME time, I go to sleep early and start the day with my regimen. This has set the standard for my health and well-being. As a result, I’ve lost weight, have my vibrant energy back and feel like me again. Ultimately, I never give up on me.

What role does community play in your self-love journey?


Lisa: Self-love is directly related to who we choose to surround ourselves with. My community contributes to my self-love practice because of the natural reciprocity that comes out of my interactions with them! As a result, I’ve always chosen to surround myself with powerful-from-within, emotionally-healthy, inspiring and supportive people. I have the mindset that time is not promised, so I enjoy prioritizing family, close friends and close colleagues who add value to the quality of my life and me to theirs. Adding value can include anything from emotional and physical well-being to career advancement. I care to build and sustain authentic healthy relationships in my life because their energy, both good and challenging, keep me grounded.

Describe your self-love journey in one word.

Lisa: Boundaries

What can we learn from Lisa?


Thanks to Lisa's honesty, we learn that even professional women whose life work is dedicated to self-love and empowerment also come across challenges within their own practice. Lisa reminds us to cultivate regimens that will help us enhance our daily self-love and most importantly, to surround ourselves with people who emulate the love we choose to give ourselves. Like my Abuelita says, "Dime con quién andas, y the dire quién eres,' which translates into, "tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are." Thank you, Lisa!

Where can I find this powerhouse?

Lisa loves to engage with her community as she shares her love wisdom, woke love quotes and upcoming events on Instagram @lisatalkslove. Visit her website lisatalkslove.com to check out her podcast and video series for powerful love advice and become part of her tribe of women who live well, date wise and love sexy. For more content follow her on Facebook and Twitter @LisaTalksLove.

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Founder and CEO at LisaTalksLove.com

Your highest self is waiting...