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Minda Harts

Who is she?

Southern California born Minda Harts spent a good portion of her career in Corporate America working as a fundraising consultant, before branching out on her own. At the end of 2015, Minda launched The Memo - a career platform that helps women of color advance in the workplace. She is passionate about equipping the next generation of young women of color with the career tools they need to thrive in their chosen industries.

Destiny's Lens

I met Minda after attending one of her networking events hosted by The Memo and was instantly captivated by her motivation to level the playing field for women. I'm also a listener of her weekly career podcast called Secure The Seat which you should totally listen to, especially if you're trying to level up in your career. Your highest self will thank you after reading this #MeFirstMonday profile!

Please help us understand your self-love journey. What have you learned along the way?

Minda: I have always "loved" myself. But as I got older, I started to appreciate myself... there is a difference. When you love and appreciate yourself, you learn to have a zero tolerance policy for allowing others to subject you to any kind of maltreatment. When I learned to appreciate myself, I valued what qualities I uniquely give to the world and I held them sacred. I used to be a people pleaser, but it's hard to please everyone and yourself. I had to learn that appreciating and loving myself, also allowed me to put myself first.

In the midst of all your responsibilities, how do you manage to prioritize yourself? What do you do?


Minda: I set weekly goals and lean on my accountability partners. If I start to go off the rails and add more to my plate, I have people who will check me and help me get back on track. We all need a community of people to lean on. Rome wasn't built in a day, and we have to learn that we don't have to get everything done in a day either.

You decided to launch The Memo after spending a large chunk of time in Corporate America. What factors played into that decision? How did you ultimately overcome fear, if present?


Minda: To be honest, I was tired of there not being more Black and Brown women at the table. The table has been broken for so long and I wanted to be part of the solution; so I thought what could I do? I felt like the biggest impact I could make was making sure resources were available to women that looked like me-- to secure their seat! And, I live by the mantra from the late author Audre Lorde, "I am deliberate and afraid of nothing." That helps me move forward even in my uncertainty.  

Pursuing your passions is a surefire way to put yourself first. What would you say to the person having trouble doing the same?

Minda: Often, for many of us, we are our only and best advocates. The only way we change the dynamics in our lives is by speaking up for ourselves even if some might deem it inappropriate or out of place. It’s not always easy--but I promise putting yourself first will always be worth it.

Describe your self-love journey in one word:

Minda: Resilient

What can we learn from Minda?


Minda exemplifies the quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" through her founding of The Memo - which helps women advance in their chosen careers! Like many of our past powerhouses, Minda reminds us of the importance of community and sisterhood while on the journey to realizing our highest potential. However, Minda also helps us understand that what we do to assist our immediate sisters, we can do to influence the lives of thousands of women, and all we need to do is take the risk. We have a shared responsibility for the collective advancement of women, what are you doing to play your part? Thank you, Minda! 

Where can I find this powerhouse?

If you want to keep up with Minda, you can find her on Instagram and Twitter @mindaharts or you can check our her website www.mindaharts.com. Be sure to also swing by www.myweeklymemo.com for a dose of career advice you did not know you needed. Thank you, Minda!

Founder and CEO, The Memo


Your highest self is waiting...