55 Ways to Love Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hey beautiful soul,

After a few months of dealing with a toxic work environment and coming to terms with the disaster that my "dream job" turned out to be, I was out of wack. What I mean by that is, my emotions were all over the place and my anxiety quickly became the protagonist in the reality TV show that is my life. I tried to do all of the things that typically made my heart smile like getting a manicure, dancing, going out with friends and journaling but it wasn't enough to pull me out of the funk I felt.

You might be tired of hearing the phrase self-love, and even more tired of the suggestions to get a manicure and a pedicure (I get it), but the truth is that self-love is paramount to our growth. The catch is - we have limited ways of thinking about self-love! This begs the question, what exactly is self-love?

I think self-love is anything you choose to do that brings light out of you, especially when it is difficult to do so. Since we're all different, the ways we "bring ourselves to life" (as Pattern would say) vary from person to person. In short, self-love is subjective but I'm sure we can find some similarities in our lists.

To celebrate the month of love, I put together a list of 55 different ways you can practice self-love through self-care sprinkled with my thoughts and a few suggestions based on my own experiences. This list is not final - I'm sure there are plenty more, and I welcome you to share your thoughts with me via Instagram @destinythinks. If you love this list, share it with your friends, and get in on the self-love action together. You know you deserve it ... so why not!

Self-Love for the Mind

1. Meditate (Check out the Balance or Calm app)

2. Take breaks throughout the day

3. Find out how many hours of sleep you need to feel great and go to bed on time

4. Create a morning/evening routine

5. Write and reflect via pen and paper (Subscribe to Loved by Destiny and receive guides to help)

6. Take notice of your thoughts (The Untethered Soul by Michael Simmons helped me tremendously)

7. Color a mandala drawing

8. Train your mind using Elevate (It's a brain training app that keeps you sharp)

9. Write down affirmations and read them out loud

10. Try new breathing techniques to help your mind slow down

11. Do some arts and crafts! Give your brain's creative side some exercise

12. Take a social media cleanse

13. Be mindful of your screen time

14. Play binaural beats (Try these)

15. Take your personal/sick days from work

16. Learn something new (I love Coursera.org)

17. Do absolutely nothing (Seriously, do absolutely nothing for as long as you'd like)

Self-Love for the Body

18. Do yoga (I love the mind-body-soul connection yoga provides, check out this at-home yoga challenge)

19. Take a walk

20. Stretch!

21. Go for a run

22. Lift weights

23. Dance

24. Get a manicure and a pedicure (Had to add this one in here. Manicures help me feel bright!)

25. Get a massage (Groupon is my favorite place to get good massage deals)

26. Eat whole/green foods

27. Punch something (Or visit Break Bar and break something!)

28. Get acupuncture

29. Take your vitamins

30. Drink enough water

31. Decrease your refined sugar intake

32. Eat fruits

33. Take a nap

34. Wear clothes that fit comfortably (When you look good, you feel good!)

35. Visit the doctor (Loving our bodies means making sure they are working properly)

Self-Love for the Soul

36. Be around people you love

37. Set boundaries for work, family, and friends

38. Light yummy-scented candles

39. Buy yourself flowers or plants

40. Release your emotions by crying

41. Laugh at funny videos on Youtube

42. Cuddle something... or someone... or a pet

43. Get a Reiki energy healing by Juliet Colon of Buena Vibras Healing or Jazmin Desangles of With Jaz

44. Get a tarot/oracle card reading by Buzzfeed's very own Gangsta Gurry (tell him I sent you)

45. Cleanse your home and body with sage to neutralize the energy

46. Burn palo santo to bring in positive energy

47. Learn more about your immediate ancestors

48. Visit a favorite childhood place

49. Write a letter to your future self

50. Eat some ice-cream... guilt-free

51. Diffuse essential oils (I swear by lavender oil)

52. Visit a sacred place

53. Practice prayer

54. Listen to a motivational speech

55. Offer your help to someone you love (If you can and your cup is overflowing)

There you have it! The next time you are thinking about new ways to love yourself, come back to this list and choose the task that calls to you the most. I hope you find and cultivate the self-love practices that work for you in a mindful way, your growth depends on it! The choice is yours beautiful soul, I hope you choose mindfully.

You are loved,