Unf**k Yourself. Choose Freedom

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hey beautiful soul,

I apply the principle, "everything is a puzzle," to my life in order to keep the “fun” alive within my monotonous day-to-day. It also helps that I LOVE puzzles. As a problem-solving enthusiast, I thought completing an Escape The Room mission a few months ago was the perfect opportunity to put my skills to the test. We walked through the doors into what seemed like a dark cube and the door closed shut behind us. Projected on the TV in front of us was ONE line of instruction and we were left to figure the rest out ourselves. To my surprise, not only did I bruise my competitive ego by losing, but for the first 20 minutes I was more lost than Sandra Bullock on the river in Netflix's Birdbox. 

I wanted to write "Happy Tuesday" at the beginning of this love letter, but today I feel the exact same way I felt on the floor, of what looked like a jail cell, at Escape The Room - fucked. I made a huge business-related mistake a few days ago that I learned today will cost me $600. Because money and security are a trigger for me, my mind immediately went through all the different ways I could have avoided making that mistake. 

I blamed myself for not paying closer attention,

I blamed others for interrupting my work time concentration, and

continued to sulk about not having time to do anything. This line of thought was paralyzing and didn't allow for me to DO something about it. Similar to my time at Escape The Room, I was at a loss for what to do next because I was too busy complaining about everything that went wrong. All I knew then is that I know absolutely nothing, except that I have the option to choose freedom, literally and figuratively.

Sometimes choosing freedom means taking action, no matter how small. One of the pillars of the Loved by Destiny brand is leading by example, so here's how I'm going to choose freedom today despite wanting to crawl under a rock:

This picture reminded me of the silk I want to feel on these bedsheets I'm manifesting, thoughts become things.

1. Take the time to feel your emotions.

If you're mad, BE MAD! If you're sad, BE SAD! If you're excited, BE EXCITED! Your emotions are energy that is looking for a way out of your body, so feel  them out. Perhaps that means venting to your best friend, writing in your journal, or blowing off some steam at the gym. The time you spend running from the tears that need to be released is time you could spend on suggestion # 2:

2. Step back and assess the situation in its entirety.

Our minds automatically turn to the negative or the lacking (we are hardwired to do so), which can send you into a downward spiral when you don't even have all the facts! Take a minute, breathe, and take some time to understand the situation concerning you. What are the facts? How do those facts impact you? What options do you have?

3. Retrain your brain to find gratitude instead of lack.

There is always something to be thankful for, and this is truly the hardest part of choosing freedom. Gratitude helps us rewire lack as abundance within our brains, and if you believe in the law of attraction, then you know that practicing gratitude attracts even more abundance. Consider how this situation could have been worse, and be thankful that it is not the case. What might have you avoided by making this mistake NOW instead of 5 years from now? Lucky you!

You can choose to be salty over your mistake, or learn the lesson and grow. Either way, you still made the mistake, now what?

The choice is yours.

Choose mindfully.

You are loved, 


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