Know Your Worth. Then Add Interest.

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hey beautiful soul,

Twice a month I have a nice date with myself, pour wine in my "Soon to be Mrs." glass, and review my finances. After paying rent, what irks my soul the most are credit card bills *insert gasp here*. I don't mind paying for my selfish choices, but what really grinds my gears is the interest! I was wondering how I could positively reframe interest to my advantage and then it hit me.

Chase knows they are a top-of-the-line bank, contrary to what some of us may believe about their customer service. They have longevity in the game, are reliable, do their job effectively, and collect their coins as a result! It does not matter what happened to their stock that day, who got fired, what idea didn't work, or what competitor is gaining an advantage. No matter what, Chase collects interest from my credit card balance.

Let's leave the part where they are a bank and they need to collect interest to function properly out of the equation for a moment to hone in on the idea that Chase is unwavering in their interest collection, and so should we! As the ebb and flow of life takes us down rabbit holes that force us to question our worth, I'm telling you today that you don't have to. That regardless of what's happening, or what's not happening, you are worthy.

Easier said than done, right? I wouldn't be me if I didn't give you #tangibletips. Here's how I remind myself of my worth:

1. Calling all strengths!!!! Take inventory of your badassness, boo!

This sister's accountability partner is playing no games. You see those hands? She means business.

Not knowing our worth can be a result of not feeling like our accomplishments are enough. HELLO!? Did you wake up today? Congratulations! Did you make it through another day? Barely? Guess what? YOU STILL MADE IT! Celebrate yourself, love!! Make a list of all your strengths and hang them up where you can see them often. This can serve as a reminder of the badassness you bring to the table. Hell, you ARE the table. Yep, I said it.

2. Hit up your hype squad for moral support.

We all have days where we simply can't seem to figure ourselves out. Tribe plays a huge role in helping us identify and embrace our worth. Hit up the people you love the most and ask them to shine a light on your strengths. Vulnerability in this way can be frightening, but allow me to reassure you that asking for help does not make you less than. Needing reassurance also does not make you less than. It is something, however, worth exploring!

3. Challenge yourself.

You've wrote the list, reached out to your friends, and still can't seem to shake the feeling of "not enough," now what? It's time to go inward, boo. Putting band-aids on our pain points doesn't remove them from our psyche, it only prevents us from being hurt. Take a few minutes to open your heart and ask yourself, "What is inhibiting me from realizing my worth?" I would even encourage you to ask yourself why 5 times. My first answer is never the most honest one, so by the time I get down to number 5, I'm sobbing in truth. It's okay! If you can't be real with yourself, then who can you be real with?

Do you know your worth?! You are LIT, continue to shine! Still working on it? That's okay love! Continue to ask yourself the questions that unlock your true self, and watch your worth sky rocket.

The choice is yours.

Choose mindfully.

You are loved, 


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