The Unlearning Survival E-Coaching Guide was created for all beautiful souls right on the cusp of change. Different than the Print-Ready version - this digital file is for my beautiful souls who simply work best on their phone, tablet, or computer. For 7 days, you are instructed to set some time for yourself and begin building a solid foundation for your goals to stand on! Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and subtly incorporating the healing elements of our chakras ;), this 7-day guide is meant to help you kick off the next phase of your life in a loving yet organized way.


With its planner-like structure, you'll hold yourself accountable to daily goals, and plan ahead for future aspirations. In addition, its journal-like nature encourages you to ask yourself questions that you may have never thought to reflect on, in pursuit of your best and truest self.


Filled with self-love trackers, a "Money Moves" financial organizer, and plenty of opportunities for introspective reflection, this e-guide is perfect or you, as long as you're ready for it. Chances are already looking favorable since you made it all the way down here (; Invest in yourself, and buy it today!


Please note: Once purchased, this guide may not be distributed! Does your friend love it? Tell them to buy it! Support small Latina-owned businesses.

Digital 7-Day Coaching Guide

  • This e-guide was created for your enlightenment with a lot of love and guidance. Use of this e-guide is granted solely to the person who purchased this product. The guide may not be distributed digitally or physically. Thank you for respecting the nature of this product! Your integrity is appreciated.


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