You Are the Light Program

Hey beautiful soul,

Stressed Woman

You're tired of setting personal goals and not accomplishing them, I know.

You practice all the self-love in the world but can't seem to silence your inner critic, I can empathize.

You feel like you checked off all the boxes in your life to do list and now feel stuck, I remember.

You're tired of surviving, and you're ready to thrive...I'm ready for you!


It's time to unlearn the thoughts and beliefs that keep you from shining the fullest, brightest and most authentic expression of who you are. I invite you to join the You Are the Light program for 8 weeks of self-discovery & growth.

Become the writer of your story.


I'm glad you asked!

My name is Destiny Moore Saldivar, I'm a social worker and wellness advocate. I enjoy teaching about self-awareness and self-love as vehicles to holistic wellness. Through monthly Cycle Breakers gatherings, wellness workshops, and well-being products, I aim to support, motivate, inspire and empower beautiful souls to radiate at their fullest capacity.


I hold a New York State license in Social Work, Bachelor's degree in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz, and Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. I'm also certified in Journal Therapy and have extensively studied different reflection techniques that lead to greater inner insight. I strongly believe in the power of the pen to paper connection!


You can think of me as an unbiased cheerleader in your life. I see my clients as the experts of their lives and only take the responsibility of asking the right questions. I love getting to know my clients and celebrating the progress you don't realize you're making! When I'm not coaching you can probably find me reading a book, meditating, sitting on the grass, listening to a podcast, or hiding from my husband, daughter, & pooch.

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Initial Coaching Onboarding


After reviewing and accepting your program application, we'll set a time to meet 1:1 for onboarding. At this time I'll share more about the structure of this program, learn about you, and get to know your personal goals. This will ensure that our 1:1 meetings are personalized to meet your growth desires. Then, you'll review our client contact and have an opportunity to ask any clarifying questions. Your comfort and clarity are my priority.


Weekly Support Calls


Throughout the duration of the program, you and I will meet on a weekly basis to discuss your insights from the week's assignments, progress on your personal goals, and unpack any obstacles you encounter on the journey. These 1 hour calls may occur over zoom or phone and are a dedicated space for YOU. Here I offer myself to you as a non-judgmental listener and resource. My job is not to "fix" or "heal" you -- I'm your thought partner as you meet your goals!




5+ Group Gatherings

On several Sundays, all the womxn participating in the You Are the Light program will come together for a digital gathering. In this sacred space we'll practice mindfulness through breathwork and engage in community conversation around the week's module. This is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded womxn and feel supported by our intimate community.



Online Program Modules & Resources 

In your acceptance email you'll receive exclusive access to the You Are the Light program modules. Here you'll find 8 weeks worth of lessons, assignments, resources to support you during your time in the program, webinars, & meditations. These will be fully available to you throughout our 8 weeks.

Email & Text Message Support 

You are never alone in this journey. During this program, you'll have email and text message access to me! I'm available for any questions, concerns, or challenges that may arise. Past your time in our program, I would love to stay in contact and hear how you continue to grow!



Not to mention, your investment also includes a complementary limited edition hardcover copy of You Are the Light in the Dark Self-Discovery Journal!



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Coaching Reviews

I'm not about to have you out here making blind decisions! Throughout this program you'll get 8 1:1 individualized sessions with me. Here's what my clients have to say about my coaching:

"My coach was the BOMB! She asked just the right questions and when she would say “let’s unpack that” you knew she was going to challenge you to think beyond what you were already thinking. She really knew what to ask, how to put things in perspective, and how to prioritize your action steps. [Coaching] has helped me recognize those things I do that result in my self sabatoge. It’s helped me gain confidence to put myself out there in my business and also personal life. "

"I looked forward to my weekly one on one coaching calls with Destiny. Destiny’s skills and style helped me to drill down and dig deep below the surface. She served as a mirror by reframing and reflecting back to me what was said. During coaching, she helped me to unpack and uncover my truth in a gentle and kind way. Destiny is able to meet you where you are at, while gently challenging you at the same time. 

​"My coach was beyond wonderful. I am beyond grateful for her and everything that she has taught me or brought to light for me. It helped me in many aspects of my life and within myself. I feel like a new and improved me. I think for my first coach she was wonderful can’t really say anything needs improvement."

"Individualized coaching was an excellent experience for me. Hearing a new perspective about the parts of my personality I am critical of helped me feel validated and accept them. Having a conversation about it out loud was helpful in committing the new insights to memory so I could integrate them in the moment I was becoming critical again. Destiny's responses and questions to what I shared helped me feel understood."

"I had a phenomenal coaching experience with Destiny! She is empathetic, an active listener and approachable. Because of her coaching, I have gained more self awareness about my self care practices. Additionally, I am able to create a lifestyle that fits my needs."

"You helped me take a step back and look at the bigger picture when I couldn't see clearly. [While working with you], I experienced so many wins that helped me heal from the losses that were holding me back for so long because you helped me focus."

"I never thought I was harvesting undealt with emotions, until I started my sessions with Destiny. She is truly excellent at what she does and I cannot thank her enough for helping me as a person grow, mentally and emotionally."

Ready to radiate?

I'm so glad to hear that you are ready to put yourself first in this way. The investment for this program is $80/week, with a 5% discount if paid in full at the start of our program. Different payment plans available.

Perhaps investing in yourself today means limiting the Ubers you take this month or cooking the veggies in your fridge rather than eating out as often. How are you willing to shift your habits in order to align with your best self? Click the button below to access our application, learn about your financial investment, and email me with any questions you might have!


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So you have some questions...

I, of course, have answers! Read through the FAQ section below, and if your question still hasn't been answered please shoot me an email at I'd be more than happy to schedule a time to chat with you.


Are you a psychologist or therapist?

I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz (Magna Cum Laude), Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, and obtained my New York State license in Social Work in 2016. While my educational background is extensive in those areas, I do not have a private practice, and do not identify as your therapist or psychologist. In this relationship, I serve as your coach and journaling guide!



I have studied and practiced Motivational Interviewing for 6 years.  Throughout my social work career, I have provided counseling services to elementary school students, high school students, and undergraduate students (ages 6-23). You can check out my LinkedIn profile here. Since 2018 I have expanded my services to include adults (ages 21-40). My license requires me to continue learning, so I attend professional development sessions at least once a quarter to fine tune my counseling craft. Additionally, I enjoy deepening my knowledge with books, podcasts, and videos in the areas of psychology, Taino Studies, human behavior, trauma recovery, and ancient/ancestral healing.

Here's what my previous clients have to say about this program (names withheld to preserve confidentiality):

"Everything worked for me. There was convenience and flexibility with meeting times, Destiny was always so welcoming and understanding. She challenged you to think outside the box. I loved the journaling it helped me to prioritize my journaling and meditation time."

"I appreciated the flow and sequence of the modules. The modules provided structured guidance to the journal work. I love that each week included aligned breathwork and extra resources on the topic."

"I give the program a 10 /10, it was structured, and intentional with the right pace. I really loved having an one on one component in addition to our group circles. Not only is Destiny's skilled, but she is flexible and will work with you to fit your schedule."

"I liked that the modules were available in video to watch and also on a pdf to read over. The sequence of the themes were extremely on point, example: self compassion following nurturing our wound."

"I really enjoyed being part of this program with the mix of individual and group sharing. I was happy the time difference worked out okay too! It was comforting to hear the similarities in feelings even though we had differences in experiences, and I never felt pressured to share specifics so it was cool to still feel that connection without going into detail."


When it comes to these things, you have to trust your gut. If you read my bio here and feel like I can help you identify, heal & shift the beliefs that no longer serve you, then let's work! If you are not convinced, that's okay! Perhaps now is not the best time, or I am not the best person to help you through your journey. Sending love, anyway.


Our program offers 8 modules to help you dig deeper into your self-discovery journey. Each module contains a video lesson, breathwork guide, and assignment. These modules will guide our conversation and weekly group gatherings. Below are a list of the modules:



The people I support are brilliant womxn of color who are determined, passionate, and incredibly resilient. They have overcome many obstacles in their lives and are determined to create habits, routines, and practices that empower them to unlearn survival mentality and thrive. These womxn are go-getters, high achievers, and fiercely motivated by their personal success.

Sometimes my clients meet challenges that make them feel stuck or dim their light. My job is simply to be a reminder of their brilliance and help them move past limiting beliefs that keep them from radiating their light to its fullest potential. 


Yes, learn more about your payment options on our application.


Did you know that our brains are hardwired to start with the negative? It's a coping mechanism we developed during pre-historic times to keep us safe from wild animals. I wrote a blog post on it, check it out here.


To answer your question, there are a variety of reasons it may not work:


1. We are not right for one another.

After your first session with me, if you decide that we are not a good fit for one another, I am happy to give you a  refund on your package. I understand that I am not for everyone, and that's okay. I just want you to get the guidance you are looking for.


2. You're expecting me to "fix" you.

I am not here to give you answers or provide you with a step-by-step solution to fix your life problems -- I do not have either of these. What I am here to do is hold your hand through your own journey, and help you mend the scars that surface as you are on your way towards self-actualization.


However, because I fully believe in this work and honor your self-determination, after starting the program you have 14 days to request a full refund. We may not be a good fit for one another, and that's completely okay.

Ready to radiate?