The Jessica Purcell scholarship for leadership & persistence

“ Like the tallest trees, our ability to thrive, to persist in all conditions, depends on how we connect. The time, love, and nurturing we give ultimately strengthens us by feeding our community.”

- Jessica Purcell, 2019


Loved by Destiny strives to help womxn of color thrive in their personal lives by practicing self-love and self-awareness. Through a holistic wellness model, we provide programming and resources to support, inspire, and encourage radical self-love and transformation. Rooted in social responsibility, we aim to not only holistically support womxn of color but also do our part in ensuring that the next generation of womxn get an equal opportunity to thrive.

While White and Asian students complete 4-year degrees at about a 60% rate on average, Hispanic/Latinx and Black students complete 4-year degrees at a rate of 45.8% and 38%, respectively. (Source: Inside Higher Ed) Additionally, 38% of students report dropping out of college due to financial pressure. (Source: Education Data)

As a result, Loved by Destiny will support a womxn of color currently enrolled at a 2- or 4-year institution persist through college by alleviating a portion of their financial burden and awarding them the Jessica Purcell Scholarship for Leadership and Persistence.

              About Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell is an exemplar for student persistence support. As an Educational Opportunity Program advisor she has supported over 300 students to persist through higher education.


Insert Jessica's professional bio here.

Loved by Destiny's founder, Destiny, was a student of Jessica Purcell. She believes that Jessica's support, nonjudgemental guidance, and love helped her blossom through college and into the person she is today.

About the scholarship


Our scholarship aims to support an emerging leader in persisting through her higher education studies. Loved by Destiny is awarding a young woman, enrolled at a 2- or 4-year institution in the Fall of 2022, a one-time scholarship to assist with billable costs or indirect costs associated with going to college. The scholarship also includes the following benefits:

Semester check-ins and academic advising


Yearly assistance with accurately filling out financial aid documents (FAFSA, TAP, CSS), and appealing, if necessary


Yearly internship consulting to ensure all summer internships fellowships, or jobs align to overall career goals


One copy of Unlearning Survival: 25 Lessons to Help You Transcend Survival and Thrive and You are the Light in the Dark.


Who are we looking for?


Loved by Destiny is looking for a relentless, persistent, and driven young woman who is actively becoming her best self every day, while also giving back to a community she cares about. We are looking for an empathetic leader, who is adamant about making a difference in her and others' lives. Scholarship candidates must:


Be enrolled at a 2 or 4-year institution in the Fall of 2021 and have proof of enrollment (via registration or invoice)


Be a first-generation college student


Identify as a Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color


Identify as low income as determined by the EOP guidelines, OR provide an extenuating circumstance statement to explain why, despite income, this scholarship would be helpful to you. Proof of income (1040, 1040A, IT201, and if applicable, SNAP benefits, SSI, Section 8) required for both.


Submit a resume with volunteer, extra-curricular and/or leadership positions


Answer the following questions in an essay:

  • What does leadership mean to you? Tell us about a time when you were a leader and how it impacted others around you.

  • What are your post-graduate intentions?

  • How will this scholarship support your college persistence?


Applications will be accepted until March 2022 11:59 PM. The scholarship recipient will be contacted on or before June 2022.


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